• "Caravan"


    A seedy, slightly ratty, half-elf.
  • Akalabeth


    Middle-aged woman, slightly dumpy, grey-haired.
  • Akasha


    An ancient crone, dresses in black and silver, wears a circlet of raven feathers and a cloak of raven feathers
  • Boss Simkins

    Boss Simkins

    Tall, whipcord-thin, salt-and-pepper haired, older man, just still in his prime.
  • Captain Marik

    Captain Marik

    A tall, handsome, man, clearly of the same ilk as a WWI ace pilot.
  • Don Marik

    Don Marik

    A massively corpulent man, he runs a restaurant as a front.
  • Lady Y'larra

    Lady Y'larra

    A terrifying, perfectly coiffed, well-dressed, noble, Oni necromancer
  • Master Duncam

    Master Duncam

    A short, grey-haired, vital man, constantly in motion.
  • Master Pizarro

    Master Pizarro

    An aged and blind, but still strong, goliath spell-slinger.
  • Master Plo

    Master Plo

    An odd, unspecified, creature, Master Plo is also a respected sage
  • Mistress Melina

    Mistress Melina

    Lithe, tiny, dancer with long brown hair and bright, clear, eyes.
  • Mortice


    Tall, elegant, shadar-kai noble-woman.
  • Prince Balaam

    Prince Balaam

    A huge djinni of great power and skill, feared by the Gods.
  • Silla


    The least attractive halfling woman you've ever met
  • Tara "the Terror" Simpkins

    Tara "the Terror" Simpkins

    Tall, thin, grey-haired, older woman, with an acerbic tongue.
  • The Grey Ladies

    The Grey Ladies

    A trio of oracular sisters, these three hags share but one eye between them
  • Wives of Prince Balaam

    Wives of Prince Balaam

    The Five Faithful Wives