Welcome to the Rise of the PTC

This is just a place for me to publish the logs of my campaign. If you would like to see how a mercantile-oriented game of Planescape plays out using the new 4th edition universe, then welcome. If you don’t care and are just trolling through stuff to read aobut folk’s campaigns, then welcome as well.

Either way, feel free to check out the campaign log. It’s really all I’m working on keeping up to date, or working on at all actually.

The campaign initially focused on the activities of a promising young agent who did work for Estevan, a factor of the Planar Trade Consortium. It oriented on low-level activities as she gained the trust of the various high-up-men (not always male, and certainly not always human) in the PTC. Now that Sioned is more skilled it looks in on her as she becomes aware of greater mysteries regarding the PTC and begins to discover What Is Truly Going On.

Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium