Wives of Prince Balaam

The Five Faithful Wives


The Five Faithful Wives of Prince Balaam have spent most of history cursed by the gods and imprisoned in a castle awaiting their husband’s return. Their faithful attendance on this duty, when they could have left, earned them their title.

Mirya is a giant amazon of a djinni and is an archer with few, if any, peers.
Lakiyaa is the gatekeeper of the castle, she bears a huge sword and is as sturdy as the castle door she guards.
Ayla is Prince Balaam’s first wife, and the eldest of the five sisters. She is delicate and beautiful, and dresses in fine silks and perfumes like the queen she is.
Zahura is the mistress of the castle’s kitchen and is a powerful sorceress capable of melding magic and cookery in powerful ways.
Ameena, the youngest sister, is a talented scholar and spell-slinger of no mean power.


Wives of Prince Balaam

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