Tara "the Terror" Simpkins

Tall, thin, grey-haired, older woman, with an acerbic tongue.


Tara Simpkins is an old hatchet of a woman who runs the Simkin’s ranch with a fist of steel and a tongue so sharp it could split infinitives. She is “Boss” Dar’n Simkin’s sister-in-law, and though her last name isn’t actually Simkins everyone refers to her as such due to the long association she has with the Simkin’s ranch. (and her position of authority in it) Tara “The Terror” is feared by man and woman alike, if they’re contemplating “doing wrong” that is. Tara is the leader of a secret cult devoted to the worship of Alruna, who she (and the cult) consider a god.


Tara "the Terror" Simpkins

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