Captain Marik

A tall, handsome, man, clearly of the same ilk as a WWI ace pilot.


Captain Timeo Marik leads the Griffon Riders of Tradegate, a military unit of aerial cavalry. The Griffon Riders watch over the city of Tradegate and fly it’s roads watching out for bandits. Timeo is also the nephew of Don Marik, an underworld lord who controls the docks in Tradegate. Timeo Marik is quite a handsome devil, and is extremely self-confident, his style is very much that of a World War I English ace pilot. (“Smoke me a kipper Skipper, and I’ll be back for breakfast” would seem quite apropos to Cpt. Marik as he soars off into the skies on his griffon.)

Captain Marik is rarely disappointed in anything, but in his attempts to get Sioned out on a date he has consistently failed. (though his ego will not allow him to stop trying)


Captain Marik

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