Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 85 Rise of the PTC: Interlude Pt. I "Mirya's Fall"

In which our heroes receive prophecy, divert Gilgamesh’s attentions from the south, are reunited with Rook, investigate a slain trade caravan, track the “raider” into the desert, are beset by Mirya, and defeat her.

Camillas is given a prophecy that if Gilgamesh goes south he will surely die. Soon thereafter word comes to the court of the Great King that trading caravans from the south have been slain by mystical raiders employing magical arrows. While speaking with the nobles who bring this to the court of Gilgamesh Rook is returned to Sioned by the Crone of the Shadowfell, who destroys his body and takes a corpse over so that she can stuff his soul into it with powerful necromantic magics.

The heroes succeed in convincing Gilgamesh to let them investigate the raiders while he stays home, Mitya offers to take him (in disguise) on a tour of the brothels of Uruk.

Investigating the trail of the caravan the group travels away from the rivers and into the desert seeking where it was destroyed. In the depths of the wastes they find the first site, but little evidence is left. Camillas uses magic to speak with the flora in the area and her description of the attack makes it clear that Mirya, the djinni wife of Prince Balaam, is responsible. The plants describe her quite accurately as “flying down from the sun and slaying everyone with golden arrows before returning again to the skies”.

Using more magics Sioned begins to track Mirya’s path out into the desert. After many hours of travel she believes they are getting closer. It is at this point that Mirya, who has been watching them, flies to the attack. (again appearing out of the sun)

The battle is a nasty one. Mirya rarely descends to the ground. Her bow, the Rainbow itself, is lethal in her hands, and her golden arrows cause great concern every time she plucks the golden string in her bow. Rook succeeds in using divine magics to bind himself to her, and is granted flight by his allies such that she cannot escape him. Giilos and Camillas pepper her with “shots”, weakening her. Sioned barely manages to keep everyone on their feet, despite the massive damage Mirya is outputting.

In the end Rook’s binding is too strong, and Mirya is felled by his blows.

Thus endeth the session.



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