Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 84 Rise of the PTC: In Uruk, A King Pt. II "The Forest Demon"

In which our heroes meet a priestess, receive a prophecy, depart Uruk seeking information for Gilgamesh, the King, travel across the lands encountering strange and savage peoples, discover that the villain of the piece is an old friend, rouse the King to battle, and guard him while Enkidu and he prepare to battle The Forest Demon Humwawa.

In Uruk, a King, Gilgamesh. In his court Three Great Heroes: Mitya, Giilos, and Sioned, strangers from distant “lands”.

To the court of Uruk comes the High Priestess Nin-Hursag, Lady of Ianna-Sin who shall in time be called Ioun. The High Priestess arrives not alone, nor in secret, but accompanied by several hundred warriors, borne upon the backs of many strong litter-bearers. Gilgamesh arranges a grand reception, on the spur of the moment summoning a thousand of his greatest soldiers, his richest merchants, his grandest priestesses, and his haughtiest nobles beneath great tents erected before the Gate of the Moon; close by his side, Sioned, Mitya, Giilos, Camillas, and his companions.

Nin-Hursag brings word of a prophecy her Goddess has given to her. If Gilgamesh and Enkidu do not set forth upon a journey to the ends of the world a great disaster will befall the cities of The Valley of Two Rivers; the Forest Demon Humwawa will come and destroy all mortal creations therein.

Gilgamesh sends our Heroes to seek information from the dangerous sorceress Akalabeth, who lairs outside the city in the hills nearby. She tells them that Humwawa is a powerful primordial of the forest who mostly sat out the Great War in favor of tending his wilderness and that “he” dwells in the great forest to the east by the Silver Sea. She and Camillas undertake some more ritual magics seeking information whilst the other three return to Uruk.

Sioned, Mitya, and Giilos then set out from Uruk seeking more information about Humwawa. On magical steeds they race up the Valley of Two Rivers and follow the trader’s paths east to the Silver Sea. There they turn south and follow the coastline for a few days. Along the way they seek out the sporadic villages of humans the savage tribes of halflings of Humwawa’s Forest seeking to learn more of “him”.

The humans are mostly useless (damn humans), they have no particularly useful information to impart about Humwawa save that he can not be seen by “mortal eyes”. The savage halflings prove more useful. They second the human’s tales of Humwawa’s invincibility. However they also point the heroes towards a young girl, living alone in the forest, who it is said is visited regularly by Humwawa. In return for the help of the shaman of the halflings they trade to him the ritual of Fey Passage, so that he and his tribe can enter the Feywild to there confront several forces that have been vexing them.

Traveling to the area indicated by the dinosaur-riding savages they discover a small hut in a vale, with a small lake nearby. In the gardens a young human girl, perhaps 14, is working. She is initially terrified of the invaders, but warms to them when they offer to help her. Mitya sneaks a peek into her hut, and finds it filled with mundanities like stored food and sleeping furs and clothes.

The next day the heroes talk further with the girl, and discover that she is possessed of several magical compulsions. She cannot leave the wilds. She must be terrified of strangers. She MUST keep people away during the night lest they be destroyed by the monsters of the forest…..

Giilos lies to her and tells her that the next night they will continue to rest near the lake, away from her and her hut.

In fact Mitya and Giilos sneak up to the hut. Sioned trails them, some distance behind so as to not give the other two away with stray noise. Inside they can see a bright light, but the door is locked, and it is also far more strong than the rickety hut (or it’s appearance) would warrant. With great effort, and a lot of time, Mitya succeeds in disarming the wards holding the door shut, he peeks inside.

Inside the hut things are transformed. Mitya sneaks into the hut, leaving the door slightly open for Giilos to watch through. He finds himself in a brightly lit room, draped in silks, with pillows scattered around. In the center of the room, unaware of him, a girl weeps. She is garbed in fine silks, and perfumed with the most exquisite scent. Mitya observes her for a time before Sioned approaches, and the noise alarms the girl.

Spinning, with effortless motion, the girl rises . . . and grows in size . . . transforming into Ayla, the First Wife of Prince Balaam. She knows not the invaders of her home, and raises an impenetrable wall of fire between herself and them (a Wall of Force with some color-text). Untouchable she succumbs to Sioned’s clever words, and is trapped into monologuing her evil plan. (like every good supervillain can be) She let’s loose that she has prompted Humwawa into attacking the Valley of the Two Rivers and destroying the only human civilization in the world. She even reveals that only “The King who has become enlightened and awakened his Third Eye” can even see Humwawa, much less defeat him.

The group despairs, Gilgamesh is pretty much the anti-thesis of an “Enlightened King”.

But with Akalabeth’s help, and the advice of Nin-Hursag and Akasha they discover a ritual that will allow a mortal to awaken their third eye, and see the un-see-able. Together Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and our heroes, travel into the wastelands to intercept Humwawa. Before they battle Gilgamesh and Enkidu charge our heroes with guarding them while they undertake the ritual Akasha, Akalabeth, and Camillas have given them. While they lie incapacitated the forest arises, wakening deadly tree-spirits to assault the King. Giilos, Sioned, and Mitya succeed in defeating the spirits and save the lives of the King and Enkidu.

The next morning, awoken from their ritual slumber, the two heroes Gilgamesh and Enkidu battle the “Demon” (no demon contained, man but humans are dumb) Humwawa. Our heroes (Sioned, Giilos, and Mitya) see nothing more than a pillar of smoke and fire. In the end Gilgamesh and our heroes return to Uruk, the fearsome head of Humwawa in their possession as a trophy.

Thus endeth the session.



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