Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 83 Rise of the PTC: In Uruk, A King Pt. I "Those whom the Gods would destroy, they make mad"

The session opens with the group in the proto-city of Gloomwrought. Sioned is contacted by Akalabeth, who asks her to use a sigil-sequence to come to her. Rook cannot be found, but Sioned is moderately unconcerned, and everyone piles through a planar gate opened to the sequence Akalabeth has given them.

The group, less Rook, arrives in a hot world: A world with a bright, blazing, sun looking down on them. Akalabeth has taken up residence in a hut many miles from a great city, on a river. Akalabeth relates that she needs the group’s help.

She tells them that Akasha, daughter of the Raven Queen, has taken up residence in the “nearby” city of Uruk. She also relates that there is currently a problem in Uruk, Gilgamesh (the King of Uruk) has been oppressing his people and the Gods have chosen to curse him as a result. They have taken their powers and cursed a man into becoming a fearsome beast that will afflict Uruk. Alas, the man in question is Akasha’s lover, and the father of Alruna. He, Enkidu by name, has been turned into a nigh-undefeatable monster and is ravaging the wilds outside of Uruk.

The group agrees to help Akalabeth, who fears that her sister will be harmed, and head to the nearby city.

In Uruk they make their way to the King. (this might well prove more of an obstacle to less epic heroes, but Sioned, Mitya, Giilos, and Camillas easily make their way up the chain of command) In a courtyard they find Gilgamesh wrestling with his companions. Mitya agrees to wrestle him, and despite losing impresses the King so much that Gilgamesh rewards him with a drink from his own golden horn and commends him to his court. (said court is much impressed)

Camillas, and Giilos each, later that night, prove themselves worthy as well. And Sioned decides to bed the King, who proves more than equal to the task.

The next morning the group convinces Gilgamesh to let them investigate Enkidu. Traveling north, on steeds made of smoke and magic, the group easily locates the area where the wild-man lairs. Soon enough they encounter him in person. Enkidu proves undefeatable, after much fighting Sioned and her companions retreat, rather than face defeat.

The next day Gilgamesh marshals his army and marches north with Sioned, Mitya, Giilos, and Camillas. He find no different result than they did however, though he is mighty Gilgamesh is NOT the equal of Enkidu.

The following day the group suggests that perhaps the key is to send Akasha to seek Enkidu. (following several good history checks) This proves successful as Akasha is beloved of Enkidu. He so loves her, and their daughter Alruna, that he will even follow her out of the wilds and become a civilized “man”.

Now tamed Enkidu returns, with the party and Gilgamesh, to Uruk. Enkidu also proves to have a powerful sense of right and wrong and puts a stop to Gilgamesh’s depradations upon his own people. (teaching the proto-King that his own desires are not as important as the needs of his own people)

Thus endeth the session.

(it’s worth note that Pelor is not entirely “not present” for this, though it’s only tangential it’s apparent that the people who fled “the World” for the Shadowfell, and there founded Gloomwrought, come from this world, and this land in fact)



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