Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 82 Rise of the PTC: The Shadar-kai, Pt. III "Dark Deals, dark consequences"

In which the heroes travel to the House of Blue Lanterns for answers, seek the Crone in the marshy plateau atop the Mountains of Yg, free the Keepers from their predators, and return to the Valley of Moaning Dreams to steal the Shadowtongue from the Crone so that the Shadar-kai can negotiate with the Keepers, resulting in the creation of the Walls of Gloomwrought (with attendant consequences).

In the Citadel of Zakarad the heroes prepare for their day. Sioned and Camillas use powerful magics to learn more about the Crone of the Valley of Moaning Dreams. They then depart, skirting the borders of the Forest of Tears along the foothills of the Mountains of Yg they travel “north”, towards the House of Blue Lanterns. Resting there for the night, the House has not yet chosen to leave where they last saw it, they ask after the Crone and how to reach her.

The following day is a hard one. Knowing they need to reach the plateau of Yg, and the marshes therein, they depart the House. The Mountains of Yg are powerfully cursed however, the curse rapidly shreds the magics they were using to travel thus grounding the party in the foothills. Mitya leads the climb, clambering up sheer cliffs with a magic rope which the rest of the group then uses to follow his path upwards. As the day ends the group just crests the peaks and looks down onto a vast marsh stretching into the distance.

The next day Camillas summons a wilderness guide, in the form of a “swamp-thing” mound of muck and goop, to guide them to the Valley. But the Valley of Moaning Dreams can only be found by following the setting sun, so the guide leads them aimlessly into the depths of the swamp until the disc of the sun begins to touch down upon the peaks of the mountains. It then turns and leads them towards the sun, surprisingly they come upon a valley in the midst of the swamp.

The Valley of Moaning Dreams is well named. Scattered around are comatose humanoids, many encased in silken cocoons. Each moans in their sleep, moans of terror and horror as if caught forever in the depths of the worst nightmare possible. Following a stream up the valley our heroes find a small hut, in which lives the toad-like Crone.

The Crone is quite enraged with them, she claims they’ve stolen her Shadowtongue and she wants recompense. The Crone is quite mad, and lives backwards in time as well, so the conversation is a bit disjointed. Giilos gets her to speak enough of the theft that they can figure out how they will do it, and Sioned convinces the Crone to forgive them at a price. She will forgive them only if Sioned steals the House of Blue Lanterns (which she refers to as “The Crossroads”) from her. She warns them, for the first time (for her), to be sure they get rid of it within three days and nights lest they suffer dire (but unspecified) consequences.

She then tells them that seeking out the Keepers can not possibly help as they have been disabled by enemies of reality. But, she will send the group to where they live, if they will take their chances. The group enters the portal she opens, and emerge in the Shadow-Heart to find an Illithid Elder Brain dominating the whole place.

They fight the Elder Brain and it’s (god-like) Thoon Hulk of a guardian, along with some mind-flayer scourges who are nearby. The Brain gets banished several times by Camillas’ magic, allowing the group to concentrate on eliminating first the Thoon Hulk and then both scourges. By the time it’s down to just the Elder Brain it’s obvious how the fight will end.

With the death of the illithids the Keepers wake, but the group cannot speak to them no matter what they do.

Returning to Gloomwrought they seek out, and purchase, several magical sesame seeds from the earliest of times. Making a seed-cake from them is difficult, but if you’ve been fortunate enough to see the magics employed it’s not impossible for an epic spell-caster, and thankfully Sioned and Rook have both spent time with Zahura (the djinni wife of Prince Balaam) and know how to do so.

Returning to the Valley via a portal sequence to an ancient circle near the Crone’s hut the group sneaks forward. As she said she would be, the Crone is asleep. Her guard-dog, a hound so huge that it has eyes the size of mill-stones, is soothed to sleep when it consumes the seed-cake. Beneath the Crone’s bed they find the box containing the Shadowtongue.

Having stolen the Shadowtongue they use it to give the Council of Elders the ability, though just for one night, to speak to the Keepers. A Deal Is Struck. In return for allowing the Keepers to feed off the fear and dread of anyone living in the city the Elders get the Keepers to agree to raise up a great wall around the city to keep it safe, as well as creating buildings and streets suitable to a planar metropolis.

In the fullness of time Gloomwrought will now rise to it’s fated glory.

Thus endeth the session.



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