Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 81 Rise of the PTC: The Shadar-kai, Pt. II "Dark Lord in a dark land"

Run 81 Rise of the PTC: The Shadar-kai, Pt. II “Dark Lord in a dark land”

In which our heroes lead an army of rebels, journey through the Forest of Tears, fight twisted and tormented spirits lost in the land of Shadows, and treat with a power Lord of Darkness, the Death Titan Zakarad, in the remnants of his stronghold.

Camillas wakes in the House of Blue Lanterns. She uses a spell of invisibility to wander the House in safety, not knowing what the Dark Ones are doing there. In the end she reveals herself to Sioned and Giilos, and speaks with them and Shahmar before everyone beds down for the night.

The next day the Dark Ones prepare to depart, Skrillik and some of his creepers are staying at the House. The rest of the rebel slaves depart, maybe 800 souls strong the column begins moving towards Gloomwrought. Along the way our heroes work hard to fight off the predators of the Shadowfell. By the end of the long, and exhausting, journey most (though not all) of the Dark Ones make it to Gloomwrought.

At Gloomwrought Sioned manages to forestall a battle between the army of the city and the army of refugees. However a fundamental problem remains, Gloomwrought lacks the resources to take in the refugee slaves. Adding 30% to the city’s population will absolutely result in starvation and death in just a few months. But the followers of Pelor, freed slaves themselves, do not turn away the Dark Ones; instead they take them in and begin seeking solutions.

After sleeping in a tavern the heroes are brought before the Gloomwrought Council of Elders the following morning. Tamarak is present, but is so lost to “the Grey Death” that he barely bothers to say anything at all, and House Cinder loses influence as Ilia (of House Anarrak) wields her tongue like a knife. Ilia is initially quite hostile, but eventually befriends the heroes and asks for help for the city. The Council as the group to go negotiate with Zakarad, the most powerful of the Death Giants, and try to aid the city in case the Giants are holding a grudge over the death of Gorodzh.

The following day the heroes summon magical steeds to journey through the marshes and the Forest of Tears. The journey is not uneventful, but nothing they confront can challenge a group of heroes as epic as ours. Approaching the fallen citadel of Zakarad they see the city walls are still strong.

At the gate they are attacked by a group of Tulgar. The spirits of a destroyed land they have been reformed in the Shadowfell and hate all life, especially those allied with the Gods (who they blame for the loss of their land). Camillas tries to hobble their tactics by filling the gate with a wall of ice, but the Tulgar spirit-talker banishes the wall with a blast of primal force. The Tulgar press the group a bit, but once Rook and Mitya close the battle is pretty-much decided. As is typical Mitya takes a moment during the following short rest to carve some insulting graffiti about how wussy Tulgar are and how awesome Mitya is into the nearby citadel walls.

Searching the citadel for Zakarad takes more time than there is daylight remaining. The group rests in an extra-dimensional space before resuming the search in the morning.

In the center of the citadel they find the Death Titan Zakarad. He broods upon a throne of black obsidian in a ruined throne-room. Initially he ignores everything the party does, until Giilos sparks his interest. In return for word of Gorodzh’s demise he offers word that Gloomwrought is likely safe. Gorodzh’s allies are Zakarad’s enemies and are unlikely to pursue Gloomwrought out of love of Gorodzh, doubly so since with one of his enemies dead Zakarad intends to take all of Gorodzh’s power (by eating the souls of his remaining slaves) and then perhaps he might even attack Gorodzh’s allies. (provided he can be bothered)

Zakarad even offers to help Gloomwrought some. He tells Giilos of the Keepers, and directs the heroes to seek the Crone of the Valley of Moaning Dreams if they wish to speak to the Keepers. Zakarad then stands up from his throne and begins to cast magic, the party departs (though Camillas stays long enough to garner a portal-sequence to a circle in Castle Gorodzh).

Thus endeth the session.



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