Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 80 Rise of the PTC: The Shadar-kai Rebellion, Pt. I "Rook, is that really you?"

The session begins immediately following the fight, no time even for a short rest. As soon as the violence is over a crone appears, apparently she had been concealed as a boulder. She says something about meeting the group a third time, claims that by defeating the famine spirits and golem they’ve defeated her guardians, and as a result won from her the prize of the House of Blue Lanterns. She gestures; and with that reveals a great house behind the group, puts Camillas under a magical sleep, and vanishes. The last words she has to offer are that when the group has passed ownership of the House on Camillas will wake, and that it would be best if they lost it gambling instead of dying defending it’s ownership.

The House is organized around a courtyard, only a wrought-iron gate leads into the courtyard. (this is the same gate that connects to Sigil) Inside the courtyard everything is illuminated by many blue lanterns. Entering the main door from the courtyard reveals an inn. The inn is well-furnished, but totally uninhabited. There’s a ledger, but no sign of who owns the inn.

While most of the group explores the House Rook goes to look around outside the courtyard. While doing so he sees a pair of black carriages coming down the road. When they pull up he opens the gate to the courtyard and lets them in. Tamarak (an ancient man) and Emril, plus twelve followers, exit the carriages and the principals enter the inn. Rook remains in the courtyard, and later the carriage-house wing, with the servants who are attending the carriages. Giilos and his “wife” (Sioned) greet the two nobles and get them rooms and food, Mitya tends bar.

It turns out Tamarak is in charge of a diplomatic mission. The people of Gloomwrought need stone to build their city-walls, as the Shadowfell is a terribly dangerous place, and Tamarak (of House Cinder) is charged with negotiating the purchase of said stone from the Death Giants who rule the lands nearby. Sioned convinces Emril, the younger noble (and clearly next in line when Tamarak dies) to let them come along to help. Before leaving they put Camillas in a cot, in a locked room, sealing the door with an Arcane Lock. Giilos grabs the Book of Days, but Sioned refuses to touch the thing.

Late in the second day Giilos is shocked, he becomes certain that one of the young scions of House Cinder, accompanying Tamarak, is Rook. Once he points it out everyone can see the similarity, Shahmar is definitely Rook, or will become Rook some day.

The group works hard during the negotiations with the Death Giant Gorodzh to make Shahmar look good to his family. They succeed handily and Emril appoints Shahmar to remain and handle details and logistics while the rest of the group returns to Gloomwrought. Our heroes remain with Shahmar at Castle Gorodzh. The next few days are hectic, but Shahmar rises to the challenge brilliantly, he is a very driven young optimist with a bright future ahead of himself. (or so he thinks)

Shahmar also turns out to be quite the idealist, and very much a good and lawful person. He is horrified at the treatment of the Dark Ones by their master Gorodzh and must act. He has a plan to escape and warn Gloomwrought of the nature of their new trading partner, but is convinced by Sioned and Giilos to instead work with them in instigating a rebellion by the slaves.

Convincing the Dark Ones to rebel proves no easy task. Mitya spends time sneaking around the castle looking for weaknesses in Gorodzh’s defenses. Rook eventually notices that the Dark Creeper named Skrillik seems to be a leader and points that out. Giilos tries to prove how powerful the group is, but Skrillik doesn’t scare easily (no surprise for an elder Dark One in service to a Death Giant). Sioned’s silver tongue, on the other hand, does the trick and Skrillik agrees to help sneak the party into Castle Gorodz for an attempt on Gorodzh’s life. Picking the lock to Gorodzh’s inner sanctum takes a good amount of time and effort, so Rook ends up getting into a fight to distract guards, this succeeds in buying Mitya the time needed to break into Gorodzh’s inner-sanctum.

Gorodzh is defended by an Iron Golem. He’s a much tougher fight than the last, but can’t stand against the power of the four epic heroes facing him once the golem is down. After the fight Mitya leaves some graffiti expounding on how awesome he is, and how much of a wuss Gorodzh was, this will have repercussions once the Death Giants read it.

Following Gorodzh’s death there is a vicious civil war between the Dark Ones. Some wish to continue following their Death Giant “Gods”, we’ll call them “tories”, while others desperately want freedom, we’ll call them “Patriots”. Rather than continue the war Skrillik leads the “patriots” away from the castle, towards Gloomwrought and freedom. Along the way everyone stops at the House of Blue Lanterns to rest up. While there Mitya manages to get some gambling going, that little guy ain’t nothin’ but trouble. During the game Skrillik wins big, REAL BIG, like “Wow, I can’t possibly pay that debt, could I just sign over ownership of this inn to you and call it even?” big. (one could also view this as the players winning big, but Skrillik doesn’t know that)

Thus endeth the session.



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