Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 79 Rise of the PTC: To Seize the Cage!, Pt. V "A Great Betrayal"

Rook dies, and is resurrected. While dead he begins the journey every soul must take, and finds himself in the Land of the Dead (Nerull’s Realm). His soul is pulled back by the ritual Camillas and Sioned undertake.

Whilst undertaking the ritual Akalabeth conducts several magical experiments. She determines that she could take over the Cage, and thereby control it’s portals. When Sioned and Camillas are finally free she relates this. Sioned works hard to convince her not to do so, because she’ll be trapped for eternity in the Cage, and Akalabeth agrees to hold off (for now). More usefully, Akalabeth has also determined how to open a portal from this side, though it only works on portals with some kind of power-linkage that reaches through them. (Sioned sealing a portal leaves traces of that power in the portal and proves a handy way of gaining the linkage needed) People do NOT relate this immediately to Grazzt.

A’kin returns to the group carried on a large litter by a horde of demons. He’s still badly broken, and about the only truly functional thing he has is his voice and cunning. (thankfully those are his most potent weapons) A’kin relates that he has gotten Gabberslug to agree to negotiate with the group, and will bring them to meet him.

While the devils are occupied Sioned, Mitya, Camillus, and Rook go to meet with Gabberslug. They may not have brought friends, but Gabberslug has definitely brought an army, a Waddling Horde in fact! The two sides meet across the empty space provided by a now-ruined city-square. The Horde surges forward when it smells Mitya, but is beaten back by Gabberslug who rides out to meet with Sioned on the back of a fearsome, demonic, lizardy-drake-ey beast he calls “The Kadyx”.

The negotiations take a while, and Gabberslug demands a bunch of things. But in the end he agrees to betray Baphomet and help the devils. In return he gets a permanent place of power in the Cage, plus magical warding against other demons, and a host of “perks”. (most of the perks are clearly just attempts by him to see how far he can push the party, and the answer is “pretty far, we need you”)

The battle goes entirely as predicted. The remaining three legions line up in battle-formation to face Baphomet’s army. The demons swarm forward in unstoppable masses, the center anchored by The Waddling Horde. When the sides clash both the devils and The Horde turn, each to one flank, and work together to slaughter the demons.

Following a great celebration Grazzt leads the legions back to Hell. He promises to return, for the Cage is the perfect marshalling point for Hell, but for now his lord (Asmodeus) needs him and his “men” desperately. He warns Sioned, who he’s getting some suspicious feelings about, that if she tries to keep him from the Cage he’ll see to it that she is trapped there and will never leave the place. (he thinks this is a terrifying threat and hopes to dissuade her from opposing him in the future) Giilos departs for Hell as well, alongside his legions. (his legionnaires have done extremely well in the battles in the Cage, well, those who survive the experience that is)

Akalabeth departs for The World, using the gate beneath where the House of A Thousand Doors will stand. Camillas, Sioned, Rook, and Mitya depart for the Shadowfell, using the gate Rook’s soul went through when he died (and using the link his soul’s passage provided to open said portal)

Arriving in the Shadowfell they exit out a wrought-iron gateway. They find themselves at a crossroads, with a hangman’s scaffold a bit down one road and nothing else in sight. The forces of the Shadowfell, objecting to the intruders, coalesce around them. Darkness infuses, and animates, the corpse on the scaffold which grows in size and moves to attack them. From both of the other two roads the dark power coalesces into a pair of famine spirits.

The fight itself is no particular challenge. Camillas handily locks down the Hangman Golem while the Famine Spirits are slain. No one takes much of any damage. (my dice were sooooo cold)

When the fight ends, the session ends.



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