Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 75? Rise of the PTC: To Seize the Cage!, Pt. I "Back to the Future"

Mitya, a long history of violence leading straight towards the End of The World….. Well, it wasn’t intentional, more just a case of “wrong portal, to the wrong place, at the wrong time”. Suffice to say that without the Lady of Pain saving him Mitya would have been a think, pink-red, mist when the Well of Souls hit The Cage, as it was he was merely flung out of time and space . . . .

Speaking of “outside of time and space”, Camillas Bail was exactly there. She’d arranged for a host of help in building her own plane, and everything was going perfectly! It stopped being perfect when the Seed of Evil flowered, and the resulting beam of power shattered her plane to nothing-ness. Only the clever use of a wish allowed her to be plucked up by the beam and thrown at The Cage, and only the Lady of Pain was fast enough (and close enough) to help. Camillas, like Mitya, ended up thrown out of time and space, but she survived!

Rook was blown to bits in a World-Shattering Kaboom! (along with a lot of the world) Thankfully the Raven Queen was around to grab him and rebuild him. She blessed him, remade him, gave him a task (and a sword), and flung him backwards in time. (trusting Sioned to handle the terminal guidance)

Giilos was ready for the end of the World, there were plans in place for it in fact. The plans worked perfectly, and his magic surfed the shock-wave of reality being torn apart plucking his legions out of the House of a Thousand Doors and pulling them back through time alongside himself. In the end the turbulence was too great, and his “sight” far too limited, and his protective shield collapsed scattering his legions and himself into the void.

Sioned was also prepared for the End of the World, she and the Lady of Pain were counting on it. She spoke to the Lady, and was rebuilt by her, into her. She then plucked A’kin, Vaxis, and Njalla and brought them all back through time with her. When Giilos control over his travel was lost she even reached out and grabbed him, at the same time noticing and saving two other travellers (Mitya & Camillas). In the final chaos of the “landing” Njalla, Vaxis, and A’kin were all lost, they’ve landed somewhere “near” (like Giilos’s legions) but no one knows where or when, yet.

The five travellers fall out of the skies into the Cage of a few thousand years ago. The Cage is a wreck, literally. It has been battered and beaten as the Blood War rages across it. All it’s gates open, but only inwards. In a nearby city-square a great battle is setting up between the demons and devils, un-numbered hordes of demons charging across the open space towards their blood-enemies. Caught between the two forces, not too far from the group, are a young Y’larra, Akasha (cradling a baby Alruna in her arms), and Akalabeth (looking largely the same as always). Behind Y’larra stands a huge monster of an Oni bodyguard, a juggernaut of a warrior.

Before the group can do more than speak a few words they are assaulted. Amongst the demonic forces in the Cage are elements of the Waddling Hordes. So it is that a quartet of Nalfeshnee waddle towards them, before bellowing in hunger as they scent Mitya. (halflings are well-known to be THE favorite food of Nalfeshnee) Behind the four goons another Nalfeshnee waits, lurking, he tosses magical bolts and hammers people with psychic powers.

The battle goes well for the heroes. No-one is badly hurt by any of the enemies. In the end the eldest demon is the last one standing, arcane powers at the ready. Rook moves to attack . . .. . and recognizes that this demon is Gabberslug, who in the future saves Rook by judicious judicial action. Rook, backed by the rest of the group once they realize who Gabberslug is, allow him to surrender and depart.

Thus endeth the session.



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