Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 53 Rise of the PTC: The MacGuffin, pt. I

In the House of a Thousand Doors Sioned, Rook, Alruna, and Njalla meet with Estevan and a pair of spellslingers. Mikos is a well respected wizard specializing in portals and inter-planar magics, his apprentice of some time Giilos is a more physically oriented “blast ’em” sort. Mikos and Estevan are engaged in attempting to create an inter-planar nexus and Estevan has agreed to support Mikos and Giilos’s work. Sioned is to accompany Giilos to Shom, and there research an existant inter-planar nexus in the Library of Kas. They are to take various readings, nab any books/notes, and steal anything particularly useful to Mikos and Estevan from the ruins.

On the way to the Friendly Fiend to purchase a gate-key from Akin they fall afoul of a street gang of githyanki bent on extorting passers-by. The fight is not particularly notable, except perhaps as an indication that no trip in Sigil is to be viewed as safe or a “sure-thing”.

Akin bargains with the group, he seems more partial to Sioned but again it’s remarkable that he seems immune to her otherwise considerable charms. He sells them a key to a gate in the undercity of the Cage, the entrance to which is near the Trianon in the Lady’s Ward. He also bargains with them, offering to reward them if they can bring him a portrait of Kas from the library.

Before departing the Cage the group decides to research Shom a bit more, hoping to determine if the gate they have a key for is anywhere near the Library of Kas. (and if it isn’t to work on finding out how to locate in once they arrive in Shom) For a purely nominal fee (for Sioned’s purse at least) they buy access to a private library housed in the Explorer’s Society of Jalefina (Jalefina is a prime somewhere). It indicates that the Library of Kas was once found in a city that lies just a few day’s travel over some badlands from the gate in question.

Satisfied with their route the party proceeds to the undercity and opens the gate, with a small silver statue sold them by Akin. In Shom Sioned quickly casts some travel rituals and the group takes to the skies, soaring over the low dunes and hills. Searching out the ruined city proves to be exhausting work as the desert heat and sun take their tolls on people’s endurance. After half a day’s search they locate ruins half-buried in the sands of Shom. Hours of hard work digging away sand and stone result in a passage down a ruined tower to a buried complex of half-collapsed rooms and passages. Njalla manages to decipher several runic inscriptions that lead the party to the tower that once housed the Library of Kas, but it takes Rook’s clever fingers to pick the lock on the massive steel doors that lead into the tower.

Thus endeth the session



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