Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 48 Rise of the PTC: Tangential Contact

Returning to Zadara’s everyone sees as she opens the reverse portal and Estevan appears before her throne and begs of her an audience. After negotiations with Estevan are nearing the end of the beginning Zadara gives Sioned what she’d been looking for. Zadara funded Valdar, at his initiation, for the large buy of cavefire wine he made from the Temple of the Abyss.

Mortice suggests they try to turn Noxana and kidnap Noshteroth. Surely he’ll have the proof they want that Valdar’s behind it all. Using an executioner’s raven as a messenger they send to Noxana to meet them in the Black Sails inn, near the Temple. Noxana meets with them and agrees to turn stag on Noshteroth, the group goes to ambush him outside Lazz’s Vivid School of Unpleasantness, after he attends a concert by Phineas and Morvun.

The fight seems to go quickly, until the vrock appears. But even so it’s pretty much over as Pieter banishes Noshteroth, who is gone for several round before he can return. When he does so all his guards are dead. He surrenders.

Back in the Black Sails the group prepares to torture Noshteroth, but he pretty much rolls the moment they ask him anything. Though he’s remarkably evasive on some issues he give up that the whole deal had been set up and financed by an odd outsider by the name of “Suquiuh”. Suquiuh was very tall, and stick-thin, with blue-skin and four long spidery arms. Sioned immediately recognizes the creature that ran the bandits in the Earth Kingdom as a brother to this Suquiuh. She pulls everyone but Alruna out into the hallway to discuss it, Alruna stays behind to watch the captive.

Alruna and Noshteroth spar quite a bit verbally, they’re quite opposites really, then it gets physical as she knees him. In the fight that ensues he restrains her with a Black Briar Cage he learned from Ravel before leaping out the window. The group returns to Mortice’s, with the news they’ve wrung out of the priest.



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