Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 44 Rise of the PTC: A Conspiracy of Doors, Pt. III

The session opens with a dwarven wizard in the service of Master Pizarro speaking with him. Njalla has spent most of her time since becoming a wizard in Pizarro’s service as a spy-master, not the sort who goes out and does things, more the sort who puts together bits and pieces of information from the field and draws conclusions. Little does she know how that will soon change….

Pizarro informs her of the attack on the Tradegate, and on Tradegate itself. He tells her he’s consulted the Three Grey Ladies, and all three were in agreement that unless the future was changed tonight Sioned was certain to die. (He doesn’t mention that Ogg tried to keep from him that the prophecy could be changed at all, which Magogg passed along as part of her feud with her sister, nor does he mention that Gogg then told him that even if Sioned were saved another life must be paid for the prophecy to be changed.)
Pizarro does however give Njalla a temporary key to the Tradegate, a crystal linked to Sioned to use to find her, and takes her to the stables. There he introduces her to Lubash, a Griffon Rider of Tradegate, who has been on detached service and was working with Sioned. He send them both through the Tradegate to Sigil, where they soar into the positively vile air and head towards Sioned’s location.

Meanwhile Sioned, Alruna, and Three are on the run from Arthani’s forces. They succeed in escaping into the Night Market, but it’s far from safe. As they try to catch their breath they’re run off from an alleyway by a gang of goblins working for Sojah (a gang-lord near The Ditch), Three manages to look dangerous enough to avoid another fight, but they’re on the run again. After a few more harrowing escapes they manage to settle in at Alesha’s Pantry for a quick rest.

Alesha Sheevis doesn’t take too kindly to them however. As soon as she notices them she’s pretty much in their faces for bringing danger to the poor homeless folk she tries to keep fed. Alesha is an aggressive, confident, woman, and she doesn’t take any guff. But she does agree to let them at least rest for a short while. Soon she’s given new cause to be vexed with Sioned as a commotion outside turns out to be related to her, a griffon has landed outside and chaos is erupting on the street. Once that’s settled down Mistress Sheevis agrees to recommend a house they can get a safe room at, if only to get them out of her pantry so she can get back to business.

Following an extended rest in a spare room of a local widow, the group again heads to the Night Market to confront Arthani. This time they’re bringing friends, a wizard, a warrior, and a griffon. The fight is still far from easy, Arthani has hired even more ogres to help her out with bashing, and combined with the two demons she’s working with the fight is very hard. It is particularly hard on Lubash who is pushed into more razorvine, and dies from the multitude of cuts it inflicts on him as he struggles to free himself.



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