Rise of the Planar Trade Consortium

Run 34 Rise of the PTC: Revelations Pt. I, "A Fun Guy from Yuggoth, Pt. II"

The session opens with Alruna standing near a sick-bed, which is being attended by Tara and Melissande. As she approaches she discovers that the person dying abed is herself, and she’s a spirit. She proves to be trapped, tethered to her body by an invisible force. As Alruna’s body begins dying she sees a light from “above”, and soon is joined by Akasha. Akasha mentions something about this being the second time she’s come for Alruna, but the conversation mostly centers around a deal she offers Alruna. She tells Alruna that her friends, who are trying to save her, are in grave danger and are likely to die soon. But she offers Alruna a blessing from the Raven Queen, the power to send her spirit to aid anyone who calls upon her name if she wishes to. There is a price, a soul needs to be given to the Raven Queen. Akasha is clear it’s not Alruna’s soul, nor anyone she knows, but is also honest about it being the soul of an innocent. In order to serve her god, Erathis, and the charge to protect Pieter, and the larger goal of expanding into this world, Alruna agrees. Somewhere in Port Liberty a young death-cultist of the Raven Queen, and a young mother, does something unspeakable and Alruna feels a wash of divine power enter her, imbuing her with the power to escape even Death Itself for a time when she is called by those in need. She knows it will work but three times, Akasha warns her the magic to use it more than that would burn out her mortal soul.

Deep in the depths of the earth four heroes desperately battle against abominations and a great black pudding, they are failing. Akasha whispers in Wythe’s ear, “If you would live, call to her.” Wythe calls out to Erathis, who does not answer. Akasha whispers to Rook, “If you would live, call to Her.” Rook does not, death is no stranger to him. Akasha whispers to Pieter, “If you would live, Call To Her!” Pieter calls out to Alruna and Erathis to aid him. And though he chooses the wrong god to call to, his call is not unheard by Alruna’s spirit. (now nearly taken by the Raven Queen)

There is a blaze of radiance that fills the grotto deep beneath the earth where four heroes battle desperately. In that blaze of light Alruna appears, shining bright radiance around the whole cavern. She engages a destrachan, keeping it from continuing to blast the heroes. Even with the “angelic” aid of Alruna the battle is tremendously difficult. Many people are engulfed by the black pudding. Wythe and Aeran are both knocked unconscious. And everyone is so damaged that without Pieter’s consecrated ground it is certain the foul abominations would have won. When the fight is gone the vision of Alruna vanishes, leaving our heroes in darkness.

Back at the Simkin’s ranch Alruna seems to have fought death off for a time, her body survives the coughing fit and lies more peacefully. (though it seems as if she’s become weaker since Alruna’s spirit can now wander farther from her body before being pulled back) Akasha is still there, and shows Alruna a vision of her companions descending further, seeking Yuggoth’s shrine. The vision expands outward and she can see them approaching a kingdom of myconids. She has Akasha whisper guidance in Rook’s ear that helps the party avoid the myconid patrols guarding their kingdom. But in the end the heroes must pass one of the guard-posts, Rook charges it leading a successful battle, though Pieter fails to catch an escaping guard. Aeran then sets up an ambush point from which the party destroys the reinforcements summoned to help the guard-post. Wythe uses his magic to shield the party from the onslaught of Yuggoth’s thoughts, and with Alruna and Akasha’s guidance they proceed further towards the shrine. There is a massive battle in which they barely manage to split the myconid army’s lines, after which the survivors flee into the darkness as the party decimates the myconids.

Entering into a massive cavern the four heroes finally approach the Shrine of Yuggoth. As they approach the oddly organic-feeling shrine an Angel of Valor appears to challenge them. “Be Thou Afraid oh invaders. And then Be Thou Dead,” the angel intones. At it’s words a pair of shambling mounds rise from the fungi covering the floor and beetles swarm together to attack the heroes, lastly, but not least, a host of angelic legions arises.

The angelic legions charge the group. The Angel of Valor rises on wings of black power to fly above the battle, seeking the leader of these invaders. Aeran is bloodied in a single attack from one of the horrible shambling mounds of fungi and vegetation, which then pulls him inside itself so it can feed on him. The swarm advances, and the angelic hosts charge Pieter. It is at this point that Alruna finally decides to enter the battle, after ignoring several pleas for aid. The Angel of Valor then leads the hosts against Pieter, and despite Alruna’s aid the party is pushed back again and again. In desperation, surrounded by enemies, Wythe drops a Winter’s Wrath at his own feet, hoping to catch some of the angels in the blast. He is more successful than he dreamed even his nightmares (as he crits himself). But in the end the Yuggoth’s defenders fall.

After Alruna disappears the party takes a desperately needed rest during which Crazy Horse appears, it seems he’s been following them. It turns out that his “crazy” is uniquely tailored to act as a conduit between humanoid thought and the remarkably alien thoughts of Yuggoth. With him as a translator the group threatens to destroy Yuggoth’s shrine if he does not release Alruna from his power, and if he does they will depart peacefully. Crazy Horse tells them Yuggoth agrees to the bargain.

Back at the ranch grandma is beating off the injuns . . . .. I mean, Alruna sees the end of the affair in Yuggoth’s shrine before Akasha departs and her world turns to black as her spirit is reclaimed by her, disease-ravaged, body. She wakes, but it terribly weakened and barely alive. It will be weeks of healing, followed by more weeks of hard work, before she can possibly be in shape for anything strenuous like combat or adventuring.

Thus endeth the tale.



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